Build a website for everyone

Stay ahead of the competition. Create a website design your customers love.

Our approach to website design

airMY Group has an approach to web development that covers the two basics of website design. We design websites to look great and perform at a high level. We then branch out the two basic performers into a more in depth structure this includes your content strategy, information architecture, user pathways and the best way to get your customers to love your site.

A website built to succeed

If you have an existing website we will start an in depth analysis and work out what your customers like or don’t like. What areas need improving and what is currently working for your website.

Websites need a strong foundation for success. Our team develops a user interface that increases your user experience. We optimize your website structure and content so it’s easy for your customers to use. This keeps your clients and customers happy and returning to your website.

Our website coding ethos

We utilize cutting edge front end coding to ensure your website works reliably and fast paced across all platforms. Our front end coding combining with our back end coding and CMS (content management system) makes updating your website quick and easy. We build on all secure platforms to make sure all your information is safe and secure.


Create websites for everyone with airMY Group

We work hard to endeavour premium results for all our projects. The airMy Group also creates projects from quick and simple through to the most complex at very good prices.

Responsive Website Development

Website design around responsive techniques is important. We provide developed websites that perform on desktops, tablets and smartphones. We develop websites that work and look great across every platforms.

Mobile Development

Having a mobile optimized site has never been more important. More customers are using their mobile to search, seek and buy. The airMY team will make your business relevant to customers that are on the move.

Content Management Systems

We do all the backend work so you can manage the front end with ease. You can easily update your products, pricing and information. We work with all the major CMS suppliers including WebModulite, WordPress, Magento and Drupal.