SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Modern day SEO

As an SEO Company we know website optimisation and strategy is important

We utilize the latest in SEO optimization strategies and techniques to get your website to page 1 using your major keywords. We will work with you and drive your company to the next level and help you be found by everyone on the hunt for what you offer. airMY Group uses only the top internet directories, Google, Yahoo, Bing, select Keywords, backlinks and other secret marketing strategies to help place your business on the first page of Google.

Smart Website Design

Websites need to be designed around your product but also around good SEO practices. All of our web design projects are built and designed specifically to rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Missing this can lead to your site needing a total redesign to improve your Goggle rankings. This often isn’t discovered until months down the track when you notice Google is not ranking your website among your competitors. This can put your website months behind.

Our Custom SEO Packages

Our custom SEO packages are all designed around your company goals. The SEO game has changed considerably over the past few years and applying all the legitimate SEO techniques which Google supports will see your website rank above the rest. Many common mistakes and short cuts can be devastating to a website and at anytime. Google can change the way the robots rank websites at any time. If your SEO and website is not created with the core values Google lives by your website site can loose it page 1 ranking and end up in the dead zone which is considered as page 4 and onwards.

Analytic Reporting

Measurement tools for your business are very important relaying feedback and giving you the confidence your in place strategy is working. We offer reporting on mobile users viewing your site which nowadays are huge numbers and with mobile technology constantly on the move mobile based viewing and purchasing are massive with 1.75 billion users and doubling over the next four years.

SEO Professionals here to help

We have many more services and ideas that we will apply to your website deign and SEO strategy. Together we will help your business and website perform to the level it deserves. Don’t let your competitors get the SEO advantage on you.

airMY SEO Services

  • SEO Campaign Management
  • Broken or Dead Link Analysis
  • User Interface Evaluation
  • Site Infrastructure Analysis
  • Site Crawl Optimisation Review
  • Link Building & Backlink Campaigns.
  • Backlink Analysis & Prospecting
  • Web Analytics Setup & Installation
  • General SEO Consulting pointing you in the right direction


SEO with airMY Group

We work hard to endeavour premium results for all our projects. The airMy Group also creates projects from quick and simple through to the most complex at very good prices.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research and analysis is a major part of our SEO service. We can offer a direct 3 month roadmap action plan created by one of our SEO experts. The airMY team will customise your roadmap dependent on your site, budget and situation. We will work with you every step of the way to get the best results.

Your Website Analysis

We offer site analysis to make sure all your hard work around your site is worthwhile. Google’s search algorithm favors websites designed in certain ways and we will work with you to get it right. The team at airMY can optimize your site for maximum punch with search engines such as Google and Bing. Starting onsite optimization guarantees best results future SEO work.

SEO Backlinks & Blogs

Our SEO service will work with backlinks & blogs to create a buzz around your website. This is a major SEO booster. We can create backlinks from DA10+, DA20+ & DA50+ sites. The higher the DA (Domain Authority) number the more juice (boost in ranking) Google gives your site. Getting a backlink from a high DA site is difficult and in most cases takes a lot of behind the scene work. Gaining backlinks from high DA websites increases your own website DA.