Project Consultation

A big mistake start-ups or new projects make is not planning ahead and pre-designing and pre-defining your plan and goals big or small. The airMy team will work closely with you to setup the entire development process through smart design optimising your organisations efficiency and bottom line.  By having a smart project plan you a decreasing the chance of running into trouble.

Mapping Out Your Project

The airMY team will map out each individual part of your entire project. We start from verifying your concept. It is important before you commit big dollars that you are on the right track with your concept and their is a need in the market place. We then break down each individual part of the project then map out what needs to be done to complete each part. The industry name for this stage is minimum viable product (MVP). This is the best part to work out what parts are crucial to your build and what parts need heavy developing that can blow out costs. The parts outside the MVP can be added later giving your users extra functionality which they’ll appreciate.


We outline your project strategy defining where and what your projects want to achieve.

User Experience

We analyse the market, users and expected functionality for maximum engagement.


This stage gives you an idea what your project may look like and wear it is heading. We provide the interface schematic to outline structure and functions.