Child Phone Dependence and Addiction

Child Phone Dependence and Addiction

KiddsOff android application for child phone dependence and addiction

Today all Kids love your phone. With articles and news bulletins reporting on increasing child phone addiction parents are getting worried their child maybe falling into the mobile phone device dependence zone and with parents not too sure how to tackle the problem. KiddsOff android application was designed with parent and children in mind. Our idea behind the application was to allow parents to regiment a time the phone can be used by your child.

Setting a time limit with KiddsOff is easy, KiddsOff will pretend to shut down or lock the phone for an allocated time period so your child can not continue to play. Meanwhile the phone is operating as normal behind shut down or lock mode. In case of emergency the phone can be unlocked with an up and down volume code and of course receiving a phone call will cancel KiddsOff shut down or lock mode. KiddsOff android application is trying to help alleviate the problem of you having to physically remove your phone from your kid. With child phone addiction becoming a serious problem KiddsOff is helping.


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